Weird printenv command eating up cpu


Since I started using Atom, I keep getting processes that never die, and eventually eat up 100% of my cpu. It doesn’t have a parent, and it doesn’t seem to do anything. The process always is this:

/usr/bin/zsh -l -i -c $(printenv > /tmp/CommandRunner_fetchEnvOfLoginShell.txt)`

but for some reason it never dies. I haven’t been able to figure out what triggers this, but when it happens it makes my system quite slow. Since Atom already isn’t that quick, it makes the editor almost completely unusable. The fact that it is running with zsh isn’t that surprising, considering I use zsh as my main shell.

For now I’m just watching for any of these processes to show up, and killing them if they don’t go away soon, but it would be great to find the root cause.

I’m on Arch Linux, and I’m running Atom from the master branch that I built today, sha f0bd3b1c20b663167023ba522d50949a0e4406b3.


Does this happen even if you’re running atom --safe?


I haven’t tried atom --safe, but I have tracked down the problem. The processes are spawned from the atom-lint plugin. I filed atom/atom-lint#52 about this issue.

Does atom --safe not load custom plugins?


Correct … it does not load any plugins from ~/.atom/packages or ~/.atom/dev/packages.


Ok, in that case I’m sure that atom --safe would fix the problem.


Yeah, it’s an easy way to determine if something is an Atom issue or a plugin issue.