Weird 'post' files


Lately I see an immense amount of weird “post” files (see screenshot). Has anyone else seen those or do I have to start debugging my installed packages?


Okay, this thing weirds me out. Here’s what I do to provoke the bug (does not work instantly, but after some time).

  • Open atom (normal mode) on project im working on (atom package).
  • Open atom --dev on a test repository.
  • Change things in test repository, do not save the files.
  • Window reload on the atom --dev instance, do not save the files.
  • With a little bit of luck a post file appears in the other atom instance’s project folder (the one running in normal mode).
  • The post files are always empty.

This is somehow … Weird? I suspect atom-shell and its error reporter somehow but no idea really… Will open an issue on atom/atom now.

System: arch 3.15.8-1-ARCH x86_64 GNU/Linux

// edit:


Have you followed the suggestions in the Debugging document? Also, could you give the following information?

  • Which version of Atom are you using?
  • Do you have the React editor enabled?
  • Can you reproduce the issue after completely exiting Atom and restarting using atom --safe?

  • yes

  • 0.121.0-2135d3b

  • yes

  • yes (see video)


For everyone’s reference, this Issue has been resolved: