Weird php syntax highlighting


Hello, how are you?

I’ve been using atom for a while, and it has been so good to me that I uninstalled Dreamweaver, even tho I pay for the Creative Cloud package.

However, lately, there are some weird highlighting issues with php.

The pictures below show the problems.

It messes up with the rest of the code.

Is there something I can do to avoid this problem? I tried going back to the original theme, but it does not fix it.

Thank you!


You can update to 1.13.0 which will fix the problem :grinning:.



It’s actually on 1.13.1 already


Hmm…then can you check the lower-right corner and make sure the language is PHP and not HTML?


Just did, it is indeed php!


Weirdly enough, if a use tab before the <?php , it seems to fix.
However, it’s not actually a fix, it’s more of a work around, because I’d like to have it without the tab.


Ok, can you file an issue on I’ll try to take a look at it.