Weird growing blank space in editor view



For a while now, I have this weird blank space on the right side of my editor view. It’s different from project to project (when I open a folder in Atom) and it seems to get bigger depending on how long I’ve worked on a project.

Here’s for example a blank file in a folder I opened up for the first time: (open in a new tab to view, can’t post more than one image unfortunately)

Everything seems normal.

Here’s a Folder I’ve been working in for a while (around 50 hours)

See the weird blank space to the right?

And here’s a project I’ve worked on for around 300+ hours, it’s the worst case of this problem:

It’s just blank space, and I don’t know where it comes from… I disabled all plugins, reset the theme to default, nothing seems to change that.

Has anyone else come across this and has a solution? It would be much appreciated


At some point you resized the pane either by dragging the handle or using the “Pane: Decrease Size” command. You can either:

  1. Use the “Pane: Increase Size” command to grow the pane back to its full size
  2. Save all your work, exit Atom and then launch Atom again with atom --clear-window-state


thanks, that fixed it… I don’t know how it happens, I definately didn’t drag the handle, and I can’t even find out what shortcut I might have accidentally used to decrease the pane size


There’s a FAQ for this now too:


Hi, in Windows you can use shortcut: Alt-Ctrl-- or at non-english keyboards it can be Alt-Ctrl-=


for mac os it’s alt-cmd-- or alt-cmd-=

Not sure what the purpose of those options are, I apparently tend to do them accidentally on a regular basis


i didn’t really understand how to lunch atom again.?


how to launch Atom again with atom --clear-window-state pleaze?


Open a command line and type atom --clear-window-state.


And how to open a command line ???


If you Google “windows command line”, you will find ample resources for learning about the cmd application.