Weird behavoir in Windows Server 2012 multi-user environment


When using Atom in a multi-user environment, like when remoting into Windows Server 2012, only one person can use Atom at a time. If I have Atom open first, and then some else from another session tries to open Atom their window opens on my session. Is there anyway around this?


That’s strange. @raelyard, do you have any ideas?


Hadn’t tried that before - using different user session on Windows 10 on my local machine logged on simultaneously works fine. Missing the element of the remote desktop - that might be where this lies. RDP tends to put limitation on sessions and will hijack sessions if logging on as the same user. It’s not anything like that, though, right? Different users with different remote sessions. Opening same session means seeing the same project and same files?


We are about a dozen people remoting into a Windows Server 2012 development server.[RDP] We each have separate logins so there is no funny business happening. We don’t see each other’s .atom directory stuff. I have verified that this folder is being created in each user’s own user directory. What happens is that the first person on the box to open Atom, gets all subsequent new windows from any other user double clicking the exe to open Atom.