Webview is initializing very long on SSD


Hello, I have a problem with webview tag. When I add new tab in my browser, it loads local file file:// about 4-5 seconds.
For me it’s very important to load websites fast, because I want to make my browser very fast.

I have:
<webview class="webview" preload="js/extensions/preload.js" autosize="on" src="webexpress://newtab" style="display: flex; height: calc(100vh - 74px); width: 100vw;"/>

How can I solve my problem?


Anyone can help me?


Have you used the Dev Tools to try and diagnose what could be going wrong?


Yes, but webview also loads so long in other browsers in electron. The process related to webview is starting so long.


For future reference, turns out it was Avast slowing things down: https://github.com/electron/electron/issues/7935