<webview> IPC with contextIsolation

I’m trying to allow 's in my Renderer process to communicate with the Renderer process, but failing.

The events sent via the Preload sendToHost do trigger the ipc-message Event on the DOM Element, but the contents are a regular Event Instance and don’t have any of the data I send, or even the Event Channel.

// Renderer
$module.addEventListener('ipc-message', e => {
    console.log(e.channel); // undefined (But it DOES get triggered)

$module.addEventListener('dom-ready', () => {
// <webview> preload
import { ipcRenderer } from 'electron';

ipcRenderer.on('created', e => {

It works if I disable contextIsolation on the Renderer, but I’d rather not do this (For obvious reasons).

Is there any way around this? Is it a known issue?

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Hey. I have the same issue. Have you found a solution yet?