Website works in Atom Preview but not in Browser


I’m new to Atom and I’m watching a tutorial on how to make a website. When it told me to preview it on my browser it didn’t work, totally blank white and nothing else. I decided to download the Atom Preview package and It worked there.
The only problem with the preview version is that the header and footer won’t show up or the different font colors. So now I’m wondering what I should do so I can see it in the browser, did I write something wrong? Here are some screenshots(beware of the name of certain things, this is a test thingy)




You’re going to have to upload those screenshots somewhere so we can see them. Imgur is pretty good.



You should go through and fix your tags. Specifically, I think the one that’s messing you up is /head>, but you have a lot of tags in that page that are missing one of their brackets.