Website won't show up on phone but does on computer


Certain pages of my website show up on my computer, but not on my phone. I have done all the pages with the same template. Some of them show up on my smart phone while some don’t. All of them show up on my computer. Help!!!


How? You have not shared any useful information. Without seeing the code for the site as well as the end result, it is impossible for people to tell you what is happening. Furthermore, this is not a question about Atom or Electron, so I’m not sure why you chose to ask here instead of somewhere like Stack Overflow. I can help you, but first you need to make yourself able to be helped by providing the code (preferably via GitHub) and an exact description of what it means for a page to “not show up” (which could mean anything from “the link to the page doesn’t appear, but I can navigate to the URL” to “I go there and it’s blank” to “I receive a 404 error when I go there”).