Website Templating


I would like to create a website with include files and I would like Atom to compile those files to a static website. Are there any packages that do that? If not would I have to create my own package?


What type of files are you referring to? Html, JS, css? In any case this is a problem that can be easily handled by many different tools. You don’t need anything special in Atom.


What tools are you referring to? I’m just wanting Atom to handle website templating. Or I would settle for a built in terminal. There are many packages that do this but I’m yet to find one that works. Most packages I’ve tried are very buggy.


You could use Atom snippets…


Can I use the snippets to update several files at the same time? How does one do that?


I think what you really want is a static site generator like Jekyll, or (my current favorite) DocPad. There are plenty of others out there, though.

You would use Atom to edit simple template and configuration files, but the website is actually built using a separate tool – the static site generator of your choice.

Which solution is right for you will depend on how complicated of a website you’re trying to build. You could probably get away with managing a page or two using page snippets. But If there’s going to be more than just a couple pages, I would definitely want to use a static site generator or web CMS.


I use Jekyll for my blog and I think it’s great. It’s reasonably flexible, though it is mainly designed for creating a blog. There are newer tools that are a bit more general purpose though that I’ve seen. I just haven’t used them.


I like this one


There’s this website that lists a bunch:

I use Assemble for the docs for Rakker, all node/js centric and easy enough to set up, using grunt to output html. You can download Rakker and steal my setup… it’s doesn’t use more than 2% of what Assemble can do, but it might get you started.