Webrtc remote stream Raw AV samples from Electron App

Advice Needed
I have been working on the screen sharing applicationElectron App: I need the raw AV buffer( O/P of the decoder typically YUV ) that I receive from the remote stream.

So here is the html element that displays the stream

setTheirVideo : function (stream) {
var video = document.getElementById(‘their-video’);
if (typeof video.srcObject == “object”) {
video.srcObject = stream;
} else {
video.src = URL.createObjectURL(stream);
The HTML element above gets the stream. I need to access the raw rendered AV data, is there a way I can get these samples?

Ideas to achieve this, What I have read so far:

With Gstreamer pipeline we can get access to the raw AV samples. If there are any examples of Gstreamer working with Electron please send me the links.
I have also tried the Media Recorder but samples are received when the webrtc session is ended.
Please let me know if anyone has already accomplished this on Windows?

Hello Community: Please respond to my question if possible. Thanks!