WebkitSpeechRecognition (Google webkit speech API) throws 'network' error in Electron app



Google webkit speech api is not working in Electron app but works fine in standard chrome browser environments. It throws ‘network’ error under every circumstances which I’ve tested. This is happening only for the past few weeks as it was working fine previously. Could you update me on this issue? (whether google had deprecated the use of speech api in electron or embedded chromium environments)

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Did you upgrade your version of Electron? The version of Chromium under the covers shouldn’t change unless you update to a new version of Electron for packaging your app.


No, I didn’t update. Do you recommend me to update and try?

There are same issues posted by others in stackoverflow

It seems like google had revoked the speech api access in development or embedded chromium environments.


I have the same issue and don’t know what should be work around? I was working last week and still works great on Google chrome. It throws error “network” on electron package.


Please find my answer at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/39835083/webkitspeechrecognition-throws-error-network/39895768#39895768


Hi pareshvarde,

I tried all the steps which you have mentioned but still I can’t get app working. Can you please let me know anything else needs to be done over here. Thank you