webContents.print() Poor Quality and Formatting in Windows Application


Electron 1.8.4, in order to print a section of particular pages I am opening a hidden browserWindow, loading the contents, then using webContents.print() to print. This is working perfectly on OS X in both development and the production application. However, the Windows version of the application prints with various problems. Blurry fonts and icons, some random horizontal lines at the top of the page, and bad formatting where some segments of the page appear out of order or over the top of other elements.

I’ve tried everything I could think of, have made the worker window visible and checked that it’s content looks normal on-screen in the Windows application, tried setting directWrite: false, the window backgroundColor: #FFF, and anything else I could think of with no luck.

Anyone have any idea why webContents.print() would not work well in Windows? I can probably mess with the page layout and eventually get it to print the format correctly, but that’s not going to help much if it still prints artifacts and all text and icons are blurry.

Any tips for successful printing are appreciated. Thanks!