Web application using the Electron system?


I’d like to run an application built with Electron in “The Cloud”. In particular, I’d like to get an Atom editor up and running on Google Cloud Platform to edit files hosted there remotely (i.e. the UI side of things would run on the client in the browser, while the “native” aspects would be running on the remove server). Does anyone know if this is possible? If not, what are the main obstacles to achieving it? Which portions of Electron would need to be modified to make this possible?


That sounds like a standard web application, which you can build with any of the standard web application systems that are already available: Rails, Django, Node, etc. Electron is designed as a desktop application framework, not as something that is intended to run server-side. If you want something to run JavaScript server-side … why not just use Node?


Sorry for being unclear. It’s not that I’m trying to build a web application from scratch with Electron. Rather there is an existing desktop application built with Electron (Atom), which I’d like to get working as a web application. It seems that this could either be done in the app that uses Electron or within Electron, itself. I am not familiar enough with either code base to be able to determine which approach would be better or what would be involved either way. What are your thoughts?


There have been a number of people that have suggested or asked for the same thing. You can find the web of topics starting here:

There are a number of different approaches. I would think that attempting to port Electron to run in some sort of sandbox on a web server would be particularly challenging.