We will shut down the Atom Discuss forum on May 1st

We will shut down the Atom Discuss forum on May 1st

The Atom community is moving to GitHub Discussions! :tada: GitHub Discussions is a collaborative forum where community members can answer questions, share updates, invite open-ended conversations, and make decisions affecting the community’s way of working. Discussions live in the project repository, so they’re accessible where our community is already working together.

We enabled Discussions on the Atom repository in March and have already seen some great interaction. If you haven’t tried Discussions yet, we recommend that you do!

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While I’m a huge fan of Discord (and Jeff Atwood!), I kind of look forward to this forum being closed. In the early days, it was a valuable resource for developers to share their knowledge and ideas. Nowadays it’s basically the groundhog day version of “why does my CSS not work” or “how can I run Python with script package”.

Of course, this is in part a problem by the moderators or the lack thereof. My hope is that discussions on GitHub have a higher entry barrier to keep those kinds of topics out. On the other hand, I will miss some posts I return to every now and then, they provided excellent documentation that is absent in the API docs. I take it that there are no plans to archive the content on this forum (Wayback Machine or otherwise), it would be a surprise if anyone cares.

I expect this to be the first move to fully hand over Atom out of the responsibility of GitHub and into the hands of the community. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing.

And lastly, I will shed a single tear that I cannot publish a post I had long planned for July 23, 2021 – to remind everyone that the Atom blog hasn’t been updated in two years! :stuck_out_tongue:

See you on the other side.

Groundhog days apart … there are some interesting nuggets of information buried in this forum. I have been through similar closures of fora in past years (openlaszlo comes to mind from Flash days) and it can be annoying to lose threads. So I am now starting to explore using scrapy for scraping content into a corpus for future reference.

scrapy tutorial <<

The most precious “nuggets” are probably your daily reminders that you use Ubuntu and that you use process-palette to cook dinner. God, how I will miss those!

also quite possible it seems. <<—

Meanwhile I am using lmxl instead of scrapy.

See you in the next forum.

Yet another big announcement which the Atom developers fail to deliver :stuck_out_tongue: