Wayland compatibility?


Hello guys,
I have recently discovered that the electron can also be easily used to develop other desktop applications than only atom. And as someone who is kind of intrested in writing some simple (but possibly cross platform) programs I am searching for a language and a library that I could potentionally use for GUI.

Electron seems nice, but I would like to know if it uses (like chromium) gtk+2. Which is AFAIK not fully Wayland compatible. If atom (or other electron based applications) doesn’t use gtk+2 what does it use? And will applications, build with electron, be compatible with wayland? If it won’t is there any workaround?

If it sounds stupid excuse me but I don’t know much about rendering windows, yet.


I’m not entirely sure what this means, but Electron is based upon Chromium. So I would assume that if Chromium uses a specific library for windowing, then Electron would be based upon that. It might be best to ask this question in the Electron repository to get the truly technical answer.


You shouldn’t worry, the official workaround is XWayland, which wil run all non-Wayland applications. XWayland will be used in eg. Fedora 23/24 to transparently handle non-Wayland programs.

Applications that make use of X-specific APIs will be supported with the
xwayland X server, which is started on demand. gdm will be changed to
support both Wayland-based sessions and X-based sessions.

[via https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Wayland]