Way to switch update channels


Is there a way to switch update channels in one Atom installation? Let’s say I have installed stable Atom (currently 1.18.0) and current beta feels stable enough for me so I want to install it. How can I switch back to stable releases after the current beta reaches stable state (1.19.0)? So I don’t receive updates for next beta version release (1.20.0-beta0)?



AFAIK, you can’t switch update channels per se, but you can just install the beta alongside the stable channel. That’s what I do. They’ll both share preferences and packages, but their cores will update independently.

When I want to run the beta, I open the beta. And when I want to run stable, I open the stable. I also set an alias in my shell alias atom=atom-beta when I’m running the beta most of the time. It works out great!


You can have both existing on your computer at once. All of your information and packages are stored in the .atom folder in your user directory, so the only difference will be in Atom itself.


Well… then I think that I found a bug. After I installed Atom Beta I can no longer run stable version (It doesn’t apear to be installed anymore). I’ve installed the beta for the first time now with 1.19.0-beta7. My OS is Windows 10.


Just go download the Atom-Windows.zip release of the other version and run the binary. You don’t have to install it.


OK, thanks. I didn’t know that install will ovewrite the stable version.


That one’s a known issue @WestFlame: