Way to make .pyc files disappear from tree view?


I’m a python programmer, and I don’t really want to see all the .pyc files in the file tree at the left. They’re greyed out, which is nice, but is there a way to make them disappear completely?

I’ve dried adding *.pyc to the “Ignored Names”, but that doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Any suggestions?

How ignore files with .pyc/pyo Python

You can hide these by choosing the “Hide Ignored Names” and “Hide Vcs Ignored Files” options in the Tree View section of the Atom preference:


Thanks, that’s just what I was looking for. I didn’t realize that the packages in the list could have preference values too. Most of the ones I looked at were themes, that didn’t have any preference checkboxes.


could you update this? There don’t seem to be preferences anymore so I have no idea how to find this setting now.

Oh, never mind, I found it. It’s in File → Settings → Packages → Core Packages → Tree View → Settings → Hide Ignored Names and Hide VCS Ignored Files

  1. Launch Atom
  2. Open the Settings View with Cmd+, on macOS or Ctrl+, on other platforms
  3. Click the Packages tab
  4. Search for tree-view in the search box
  5. Click the Settings button on the tree-view package card

You may need to edit the Core config setting to add *.pyc to the list of Ignored names.