Watching video


Hello community. First thanks for all you job it’s a very nice and easy image gallery.

So my problem it’s about movies. I uploaded it, but on FF and chrom there is no way to watch it. I have to use microsoft edge. I guess the problem is from plugin but I have no idea witch one I need to install.

Many Thanks


This is the Atom forums (and some electron as well)…

Text editors don’t normally play movies.


I’m not sure to understand, I haven’t a good english. Are you saying that I post in the wrong place. I also don’t understand why you are speaking about a text editor.


Are you talking about this program?


No just for watching video


This forum is for discussion about the program I linked to.

It is also for discussion about Electron

If you are not talking about these, I think you have the wrong forum.


OK I’m sorry. Is there any other forum to have help using the image gallery ?


I don’t know what image gallery you are talking about. Can you link to something related to it?


I’m speaking about this one : photoshow


Why are you asking about it here, though? On that site, there’s a link to a place where you can ask questions to the developers.


Yes, very sorry I just saw it. Thanks anyway for your help