WARNING:root:linter pep257 not found


Hello All,

I keep getting the warning supplied in the subject:

WARNING:root:linter pep257 not found

I installed pep257 (via pip) and the full path to it is specified in the linter-python-pep257 settings in Atom.

Don’t know if it’s related, but the dev console provides an error as well:

[Linter] Error running Pylint Error: Column start (15) greater than line length (0) for line 47(…)

Any suggestions on how to clear this warning? This is 64-bit WIndows 10.



Could you throw in some screenshots? I can’t see anything wrong with the situation, so I can’t make any suggestions except for rebooting and seeing if that helps it.


The pip packages pep8 and pep257 have been renamed to pycodestyle and pydocstyle respectively. This was done at the request of the PEP maintainers because people kept confusing the verification programs with the specifications.
So I’d suggest:

  • install pydocstyle in your python environment
  • uninstall linter-pep8 from Atom
  • install linter-pycodestyle


Done. I also had to disable the linter-pylama package and switch to linter-python.

Seems to have cleared the warning.



@DamnedScholar - I will try to re-create later today!