Warning message from "Show in Explorer"

When I left click an html file in the Project pane and select “Show in Explorer” from the drop down, a yellow warning message appears on the right side of the screen with the message “Unable to Show” with the file path. It then disappears in a second or so and then File Explorer opens at the requested file. What causes this?

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sounds like an issue concerning mod-rewrite file… what is the ext of your domain name or target object

Thanks for response. Sorry for delay in my response. I am such a newb you may not want to deal with me because I don’t understand your response. Don’t know what a “mod-rewrite file” is about in refernce to Atom. As for the other thing you mentioned, the “target” is just a file on my computer. Would it make a difference how many folders down in the file system, that is, how far from the root or “c” in Windows the file is located?

No worries. Mod-rewrite files can be used to redirect ‘landing pages’ to different objects within the server itself. A lot of the time login and registration pages use this method to pass keys to other web sites or applications within the same domain.

Apache uses event handlers such as PHPMyAdmin that points ‘localhost’ to a string inside the http protocol. It passes a certificate to the target object through what is known as an ‘lmhosts’ for windows users. They also allow for a public output string or thread within an htaccess file. This file has the option to reroute or ignore parts of a hash sum or (sha or Md5) that are not required for the end user to use to visit or navigate through available directories that are hosted on their network, server, etc.

I have the same issue. I don’t really understand why this is happening or how to fix it and not sure this thread explained a fix? I’m very much a beginner at this, I’ve downloaded atom as I am following an online course and it advised to use atom.

@corserp are you a bot? Your reply wasn’t very helpful. This issue persists.