Warning Beep With Every Keyboard Shortcut


In the past few days, I’ve started having a persistent and very annoying problem. Every time I use a keyboard shortcut in Atom like command + c or command + s for example, I get a warning beep. It’s annoying because every time I hear it I immediately think that the shortcut is not defined or that there is some problem, but they still work they just beep.

Anybody have this problem? Or know how to fix it?
My system is OSX Sierra.


I haven’t heard of that kind of problem before, no. What version of Atom are you using?

Have you tried using the Keybinding Resolver (Cmd+. on OS X and Ctrl+. on other platforms)? It will show you what key Atom saw you press and the command that was triggered because of it.

(It is also mentioned in the Debugging section of the Atom Flight Manual.)


I have the same issue with Atom 1.18 on Sierra 10.12.5. Audio beep is off. Every keyboard shortcut produces and audio beep! The keybinding resolver doesn’t reveal anything. Any hint would be welcome.