Want to know before new start


Hello Electron.atom
we are php developer team and going to start one new project that is work for desktop application, website and android app.

so in this case just Want to know before we start is Electron Atom platform will work for this all cross platform application with CodeIgniter Web Framework

Looking your reply to jump in project



Are you asking about the Electron application framework? Or the Atom programmer’s editor?


Hi leedohm,
I am asking about Electron application for development and use Atom editor.

Basically, we are in pipeline to develop desktop application using php codeigniter web interface with mysql database, so the same database, coding, files will work for desktop, web and android - ios application.

So through Electron application this all possible ?



Electron is a cross-platform desktop application framework based on Node.js and Chromium. It doesn’t have anything to do with PHP. Nor does it do anything for the web other than being based on web technologies. It also does not currently run on Android or iOS.


Okay leedohm,
do have any suggestion to do the same project as we have mentioned in my earlier message?