Want to colorize the string 'NB'


Would like NB to stand out in comments as TODO does.


For which language?

Each language has its own package that takes care of specific syntax highlighting etc.
If you want a specific custom work highlighted though, which nobody else uses, you may have to hack yourself a custom language.

Somebody else may have a better idea how to do it, perhaps by custom-styling via your stylesheet (styles.less), but I’m not sure about that one.


There’s also the language-todo package that controls the highlighting of TODO comments across all languages using injection grammars. You could submit an Issue or Pull Request to add NB to the list of TODO words.


javascript, yeah, i would do something custom in my styles.less, if i knew what that special thing is :slight_smile:


from there i quickly found that i can use NOTE instead of NB, so for now that will do it

thanks all!