VSCode Like Scrollbar


I miss the scrollbar from VSCode. The scrollbar is small but shows many useful information like where the current line is, the code selections throughout the entire document, the find occurrences and git diff information.

Is this possible in Atom?

I know about the Minimap package but it’s too wide. I’d like something that occupies just like 10 pixels and don’t need to map the entire code on the right (maybe that also makes the editor slower).



My reply has a hidden reason, but first…

Have you read through the documentation given in

There are great amount of good solid tips-and-tricks, surely some of this should help.

Migration is normally towards vsCode, while you move to Atom.

- Dan


I’ve read it. Have I missed something? There’s nothing related to hiding the minimap while showing only the scroll bar with some features.

To answer your unrelated question — I like to keep trying Atom/Sublime/VSCode and others on macOS. Sublime is the fastest and consumes the least amount of battery (I do care about that, a lot) but lacks many features. Those features that are available as packages don’t work as well as the other two editors. VSCode, in my opinion, is in the middle right now but lacks the file tree git diff colors and the same packages don’t work as well in VSCode as they do in Atom. Now, Atom is the slowest and most battery power consumer but it’s getting better and better, everything works perfectly and it’s pleasing to the eye…


I think there’s a feature request for this at https://github.com/atom/find-and-replace/issues/529. If that gets implemented it’s probably trivial to do the same thing for Git info.