Visual Studio IDE


Handy quick link from the Visual Studio IDE directly to Atom:


An interesting offering. It would be real nice if you could repeat what you have said in the linked page on what your motivation is of this.

I assume you did this because you had a reason to … please enlighten this n00b - what task did you have that needed this?

Thank you for your consideration.
- Dan


Sure - no probs :grinning:

My initial motivation was to give back to the open source community that has given me so much without cost, this grew into a fantastic learning exercise for me, and in turn led to me having a “product” to support, which for me personally was and is precisely the motivation I need to maintain, progress and evolve the app.

And a super by-product is that, as this entirely my own “product”, I can build it using any new tooling I like which I likely won’t be privileged to use in my coding day job due to usual team / corporate constraints.

Win-win-free !