Visibility / Inconsistent Package Search?



Is there anything I can do to help a new package gain more visibility? In this case my package name is hyphenated (laravel-docs), and this seems to produce inconsistent results between and the in-editor package search.

For example, when I type laravel docs (note the space) into, it shows up as the first result. However, when I type the same thing into the in-editor search, my addon is at the bottom of the list. It seems like this is because the list here is sorted by number of downloads.

If I type the name with the - within atom it comes up at the top of the list! It seems like these two searches should assign relevancy in a similar manner, especially when a space is included in the name. Is there anything that can be done about this?



Hi @austenc :wave:

There is a PR open by @Wliu to make the search results consistent. You may want to subscribe there for updates: