"Violation" error message in Atom's developer console


Atom V1.28.2
Windows 10


The installation of Atom V1.28.1 on my PC gave my problems earlier this week. I downgraded to V1.26 to be able to continue working on a project. Today I installed Atom V1.28.2.

A repeat of the console messages that I saw before is coming up:
(red error not shown: update service blocked from internet access)

It may be unrelated to the real cause of earlier this week that Atom V1.28.1 started freezing and crashing. But these messages I recognise from showing in V1.28.1 also.

More verbose log entry…


[Violation] Added non-passive event listener to a scroll-blocking 'mousewheel' event.
Consider marking event handler as 'passive' to make the page more responsive. 
See https://www.chromestatus.com/feature/5745543795965952

updateEventListeners  @ commitCommentContainer_item.graphql.js:112
module.exports        @ commitCommentContainer_item.graphql.js:112
patch                 @ commitCommentContainer_item.graphql.js:112
updateSync            @ commitCommentContainer_item.graphql.js:112
TextEditorComponent   @ commitCommentContainer_item.graphql.js:112
getElement            @ commitCommentContainer_item.graphql.js:112
get element           @ commitCommentContainer_item.graphql.js:112
elementForArray       @ commitCommentContainer_item.graphql.js:112
elementForSetting     @ commitCommentContainer_item.graphql.js:112
elementForSettings    @ commitCommentContainer_item.graphql.js:112
SettingsPanel         @ commitCommentContainer_item.graphql.js:112
render                @ commitCommentContainer_item.graphql.js:112
addChildren           @ commitCommentContainer_item.graphql.js:112
render                @ commitCommentContainer_item.graphql.js:112
initialize            @ commitCommentContainer_item.graphql.js:112
GeneralPanel          @ commitCommentContainer_item.graphql.js:112
(anonymous)           @ commitCommentContainer_item.graphql.js:112
getOrCreatePanel      @ commitCommentContainer_item.graphql.js:112
showPanel             @ commitCommentContainer_item.graphql.js:112
initializePanels      @ commitCommentContainer_item.graphql.js:112
(anonymous)           @ commitCommentContainer_item.graphql.js:112
_combinedTickCallback @ internal/process/next_tick.js:131
_tickCallback         @ internal/process/next_tick.js:180

I have no idea where this message is coming from. Last time when I saw the message, I have used safe mode, deleted all customization (delete .atom folder) and more actions.

Any ideas to share would be most welcome.

Update 1:

The blue information message was already seen in Atom V1.25 and is still visible in V1.29-beta 1. Atom V1.21.1 did not have this message, but there was other more critical messages. I confirmed this by looking at a secondary installations.

I am of the opinion that the trigger cause of this message, is probably not the cause for the breakdown I have experienced with Atom V1.28.1 earlier this week. I would like to know where the message originates from.