Vim-mode question



Does anyone can explain me why when I select a text and use ‘d’ to delete it the standard behavior is delete the full row?

I’m a regular user of vim (MacVim) and when I select a portion of text and I want delete it I only need press ‘d’.




I haven’t used it, but according to the package’s documentation, only dd removes the whole line.

However, I don’t know how a selection is supposed to be treated, the doc doesn’t seem to say.


Yep you are right, it’s dd that removes the line. I pressed twice the d because the first didn’t do nothing.

Selecting the text with vand using d to remove the selected text works as expected.

But I think that if we select a text with the mouse and we press d it should have the same behaviour.


Normally I would agree, always be on the side of consistency. But this is Vim we’re talking about, so don’t know… does the concept of a mouse actually exist in the vim world?



:set mouse=a and you can use the mouse.


Is it possible that your bug has something to do with this Issue?

I don’t use vim-mode either, so I’m just checking to see if there is already an Issue open on it.


I read the issue and it’s probably the main reason for different behaviour between vim editor and Atom.

I understand that selecting text has dependencies between packages and potencial unknown implications, but for me its quite odd use this “vim-mode” after 5 years using MacVim.