Vim make in atom


Hello. I was a Vim user and I’m missing the internal make command.

This command is really useful in C and C++ development because when there are some errors and warnings I can jump between them fast inside the editor.
Now in atom I have to look into the gcc output and go manually to the place, which is tiresome.

This feature is available in some way?
If not, can give me some hint to implement it?



I don’t know much about Vim but if you are looking for packages that can execute make and other programs:

I know that build-tools can highlight gcc because I delevoped it and AFAIK build supports gcc with the right settings too.


Oh! Nice!

  • build looks as a port of the vim’s make, but by default isn’t working well with gcc and clang. I will try make it work.
  • In the other side build-tools looks more like Visual Studio, and works with gcc and clang.
  • make-runner just runs the Makefile, so doesn’t solve the problem.

BTW, congratz, you’ve done a nice plugin!