View an EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) using Atom


It’s very common that my research advisor asks me to create charts using a .EPS format, because it’s more precise than a .PNG, for example. I know, based on my experience, that other researchers usually use this format to visualize charts too. However, if I try to use the Atom Editor to visualize an .EPS image, it only gives me the source of the file. Is there a package or a solution that could help me visualizing .EPS files as images? This would make my job simpler, because I need to inspect a lot of images in a short time.

Thank you in advance,
Luiz Felipe
Software Engineering Researcher


Ghostscript is an open-source EPS/PDF interpreter, and there’s a Node package for using it, so it’s definitely possible to create a package that can read and display EPS files, but there don’t seem to be any existing packages.