Video Upload, Stream and download


I want to upload a video and store it on mongodb using electron…can anyone give the suggestion of it…i am new in this field…


You want to upload the video to where?


I want to upload the video to the server and store it on mongodb using electron…


What server?


Actually i am building an education application using electron where i can upload the video, stream it and download it…currently my machine is my server…


Do you actually plan on sending videos across the Internet, or are you using the term “upload” very loosely?


Actually i want it on a local server…


Okay, then, why do you want a server and MongoDB? If the app is going to accept video files and store them on the user’s computer, why not just save the videos in the user’s filesystem? You don’t even have to have your own folder for videos if you use a folder declared by the user.


only the local server have those videos…clients are only able to see it or download it if they are logged in on that application…not every video will be applicable for every users…


admin only have to upload the videos or delete it…users are only able to see or stream it…


So, all users are going to be using the same computer? When a server is “local”, that means that the server is on the exact same machine as the client. If the server is on a LAN network, it’s still remote from the perspective of Electron.


yes the server is on a LAN network…


In that case, you can have the streaming app work like a web site and use Electron to navigate to it like a browser. That would be less complicated than having the UI and the backend be separate applications.

This would also allow your users to use your app through their browsers if you gave them the address.


explain the concept briefly please


Electron is built on Chrome, so you can use it just like a browser if you open a BrowserWindow with a URL instead of a local file. Then you would design your streaming app as a web site using your preferred frameworks.