Vertical tree view


Is there anyway to get the tree view (the pane with project folders) to be on the top/bottom? Currently it only appears on the left side. I want it to be on the bottom.

If not, are there any packages that support this?


Not as a user. It would require an update to the package code. Not a huge change, but it would also have to be redesigned for a horizontal layout.

If not, are there any packages that support this?

The closest I can think of is atom-commander. It doesn’t share every tree-view feature, but you can use it to browse files on your computer and open them in Atom.


the tree-view for the project explorer is a pane so it can be dragged to where you like.

I keep mine on the right side.


How can I get a “pane” container thingy in the bottom? I only see left and right.


There should be a tab near the middle of the bottom where the linter shows up. Drag the tab of the tree view (where it says ‘projects’) on top of that.


Don’t see anything like that… Mind uploading a picture?

I recently got a portrait side-monitor and Atom is literally unusuable on that…


drag the “Projects” tab on top of the tab at the bottom (with the V in it)


Have you actually gotten that to work? It doesn’t work for me. And it shouldn’t work, considering this line of code in the tree-view package.


No, I haven’t. I have moved that pane from left to right and I have moved other panes from side to bottom, eg., scopes pane from debugger, so I expected the tree-view pane would follow the same interface.

My bad. I should have tried it first.

I have now tried it and you are correct…it does not work.

The line of code you reference does suggest that one could make it work if one really wanted to.


That is absolutely the case.