Vertical text selection

Much needed!

alt + click + drag = magic



alt+click-drag should select blocks of text, alt+shift+click should select a block of text from the current position of the text cursor to the mouse, and alt+shift+arrow-keys should select/change selection for blocks.

Both Visual Studio and Notepad++ do both of these correctly – unlike sublime.

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This is probably the most noticeable missing feature for me. +1!


I wish the block selection will be implemented as friendly as the option-select in Textmate, i.e.

  • Press Option key, cursor turns to a cross sign
  • Drag with a mouse to highlight a block
  • Block remains highlighted when key and mouse released
  • Block good for copy or cut


When implementing, please make sure that it’s not just block selection but also block editing. When I select a multiple-line block and start typing, the edit operation should apply to all selected lines and not just the first one :smile:

Microsoft did a similar thing for VS2010


Precisely. This is a necessity.

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This is a quite essential feature :slight_smile:

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I’m forced to stick with Sublime until vertical selection is added. Surprising that it hasn’t made it in yet.


+1, I need this feature too.

Actually another great TM2 feature that ST2 lacks is a way to toggle block/usual selection just by pressing option key so that you can easily switch from this to that.

This also allows creating multiple carets by pressing left or right afterwards but that’s a different story.


Found a work in progress:

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+1 I had to fire up sublime to do this today.

+1 for alt + click + drag = magic

Found this ctrl + shift + up/down was clashing with the Emmet plugin :frowning:

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+1, have gotten attached to this feature. Just expected Atom do behave as TM/Sublime on this point.

This package worked for me for a couple days and, for some reason, no longer functions at all

Check out my workaround here:

Should work until atom-keymap updates get included in a release.

please also bind it to middle mouse button drag:


+1 for alt + click + drag selection.

+1 for the option-select TextMate mode. I prefer it to Sublime’s model.

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