Vertical scroll is not smooth


Hi there.
I’m on windows 10(mouse wheel) and can’t feel the smooth scrolling in vertical. The file tree and settings are smooth when scrolling, just the code view is not.



What version of Atom are you running? I just tried Windows 10 with Atom 1.19.4 and scrolling with my mouse wheel seems ok.


Hi i’m on with Atom 1.19.4 too. The code view, jumps the number of lines i set on Windows mouse settings, real jump, nothing smooth.


Can you share your Windows mouse settings so I can copy them and try again? Also, just for completeness, do you see the same behavior if you start Atom in safe mode (atom --safe)?


Someone recently suggested this stylesheet tweak to make vertical scrolling smoother:


Hi rsese. Yes, i can see the issue on "atom --safe ". I’m sharing my mouse settings, but is in brazilian-pt. Thanks for support, i’m using the css leedohm suggested and is working fine.


Thank you @leedohm, the style makes the scroll much better and I’m using it, but I’ll find out what is going on.