Vertical layout for terminal-plus


I have a terminal-plus plugin, that displays a terminal window on the bottom of the window.

Is it possible to layout this terminal to be to the right of my editor, not bellow it?

I tried to float the ‘.terminal-plus’ to the right, but that just shrinks it in it’s existing box.

Basically, I think I would like to have ‘atom-panel-container .bottom’ to be on the right.

Anyone know how to do this?


Just like there is an atom.workspace.addBottomPanel there is also an atom.workspace.addRightPanel. All you have to do is change the panel creation (or convince the package owner to do so) to allow for either one or the other and :boom: :grinning:


Hm, but could I have my entire bottom panel be on the right? Just with atom stylesheet or something like that?


That I don’t know the answer to … I’m Not a CSS Guy™ :wink:


:slight_smile: Ok, thx


Whether CSS can do it is a function of how the html/dom is structured. You would have to be really lucky for it to be possible.

Using the addRightPanel is the correct and easy way. A pull request to optionally do this would be trivial.