Vertical Centering for Prose

Hi all,

I am trying to use Atom to write prose using markdown. My basic needs are as follows:

  • Distraction-free mode (using Zen for this)
  • Day/Night (easily doable using themes)
  • Text centered horziontally on screen (i.e. dont want text to go from left edge to right edge, Line Width+Soft Wrap does the trick)
  • Line Im working on should center vertically -

this last point I am stuck on. If I am writing at the last line on the screen, it becomes a bit difficult. Is there a way to make the line I am working on automatically center vertically? Or at least increase the indent from the bottom edge to 5-6 lines?


If you enable ‘Scroll Past End’ in the Editor Editor settings you can manually scroll down, I don’t know of any package that vertically centers the current line.

If you haven’t found it already, the following topic might contain some other ideas and/or packages that are helpful while writing prose:


Hi Alchiadus,

Scroll past end looks good, but not what I am looking for. Im looking for some setting in the config files which allows me to specify how many lines to leave at the lower end before the screen automatically scrolls up.
Thanks for pointing out the thread, hadn’t seen it yet.

Just want to share why I started this post:

I am a writer (want to be one, at least) and over the years I have tried many approaches to write, in the following order:

  1. MS Word – the obvious first choice. But its just too cluttered, and even though there is some kind of no-distraction mode in it, it still is a heavy-handed application. Plus, its very expensive.
  2. Windows Live writer: Very elegant package, but not very flexible in terms of format.
  3. Evernote: Very good at organizing, but again, format limitations and not very good for large files
  4. Scrivener: Combines the organizing capabilities of Evernote and the elegance that comes from a dedicated writing package. But its very expensive. Though, for very serious writers (which I am not at this stage I guess, since I don’t want to spend $45), it is a must have.

After all these I tried Ulysees, and I loved it. Its very simple – no fuss. An organiser on the left and the content editor on the right. A very good no-distraction mode and quick switch between day and night. Works with markdown and can export to any format under the sun. Just what I needed. However, its around 40-45$ again.

I looked at what I liked about Ulysees and realized that I could do most of the stuff in Atom. And I wasn’t wrong. The organizer pane exists by default on the left, I can change the font size and use Zen mode. I work with the markdown-writer plugin to write. And I can use pandoc to again export to any format under the sun.

I tried and it works like a charm. This, I know, is the beauty of Atom. To replicate the functionality of a dedicated writing tool took me all of 10 minutes.

Now only if the vertical centering would work… :smile: :sunny:

If anyone can point me in the direction of editing code itself to get this functionality I am willing to do it.

Thanks to everyone who have created Atom and the plugins that make it so useful.

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I think that the current rendering system doesn’t allow vertical nor horizontal centering…

I think horizontal works thru the typewriter package

There’s this open for Zen. Hope to look at it later today. So who knows… perhaps vertical centering will be a thing soon.


That’s it! thanks @braver …sounds real good.

Update: The feature has been added to the latest Zen update (0.16.2). Thanks @braver! I am all set :smile: