Version-Controll with Atom - first steps on a linux machine


hello dear experts,

regarding the atom-manual on the following page i have several questions:

i think that for a beginner in ATOM - it is the question how to connect to the Github-Account. The below mentioned Atom-Manual notes how to work with the Git Account. But the question of the day is : how to get to the

#interaction of Atom with the Github-account!?
that is the first question.


Version Control in Atom

Version control is an important aspect of any project and Atom comes with basic Git and GitHub integration built in.

In order to use version control in Atom, the project root needs to contain the Git repository.

Checkout HEAD revision

The Alt+Ctrl+Z keybinding checks out the HEAD revision of the file in the editor.

This is a quick way to discard any saved and staged changes you’ve made and restore the file to the version in the HEAD commit. This is essentially the same as running git checkout HEAD -- <path> and git reset HEAD -- <path> from the command line for that path.


how to start to configure the ATOM in order to get interaction with my GitHub-Account?

love to hear from you


Both of your threads have the same question, which I answered here.


Going to close in favor of Getting started with GITHUB integration in atom-editor on a linux notebook - @suseman, please only open one topic per issue.