Version control support?


This being a GitHub project, is there a built-in version control support or a git-version-control package?



Not built-in. And no packages that match “git”.


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Not yet, we’re going to need to wait for a package.



There’s already some basic support, like the statusbar package will show your branch:

As for full blown support, I think that’s fairly unlikely. We have GitHub for Mac and GitHub for Windows already, Atom is probably going to stay more focused on editing and leaving the version control details to those clients.

That’s not to say you can’t make your own package though ^^


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Branch name in the status bar is already what I use in emacs/vim. The command line tools (and Github’s gui tools) are already plenty good enough. Almost every git “problem” that I have had to solve in the workplace comes from bad git tools in other editors.

+1 for not having it in the editor officially and supporting it via packages.



I would be happy with a deep integration with the Github app for this, but something like SublimeGit would be awesome.