Version control config + maintain package list


I’ve always maintained a Git repo with Sublime Text that contains my settings, key bindings and installed packages etc.

Moving to Atom I find that I can’t easily do this. There are a couple of issues:

  • There is no explicit list of packages (that I can find) held in the config so when I move to another machine and clone these packages aren’t installed automatically. This is one of the main reasons for storing my config centrally
  • I can’t make my repo public as sensitive information is kept in the config.cson, for example my metrics user id

The seconds isn’t really a biggie as I can make the repo private, but the first would be a very nice feature for people, like me, that work over several machines


I’ve created a package for the first issue, Package Sync. It’s very much in the beginning stages, but as far as having a list of packages that are quickly installed, it works. Let me know what you think!

Regarding the second issue, see this thread for references why it shouldn’t be a big deal to have your dotfiles public even with the metrics ID:


So I guess the 0.101.0 way to manage packages in one place is to use the apm star and apm stars features:

# Star the "foo-bar" package
$ apm star foo-bar
# Installs packages starred by me
$ apm stars --install

(See the 0.101.0 release notes and the help pages for star and stars.)