Version Control Approach Vs Eclipse


I’ve been using Eclipse for a long time. Totally accustomed to its integration with GitHub. I have spent over an hour poking around the Atom docs and various forums, I can’t even figure out how to check out a file! Ctrl-Alt-Z (which the docs say to use to get a head version) does nothing. Editing a file does not result in an update to the status bar on the bottom right of Atom. However, the bottom right of Atom correctly indicates I have a master branch. The directory I am pointing at is the same one I point at with Eclipse, so I assume all the correct Git files are in place. It seems it should not be this hard. What am I missing?


There are several third-party packages that integrate Git into Atom and there’s more to come in the upcoming versions of Atom:


Thanks, reading this blog entry was what actually had me look at switching from Eclipse to Atom. Guess I will wait until things are a little more mature. I don’t want to mess around with third-part packages if Atom will provide native support in the near future.