Variable not recognized



Iam all new to Atom. And i want to use it for my Unity 3D game, so i installed omnishark and the syntax theme: Monokai. But is does not recognize my variables. (they are not yellow). (i also tried other theme’s but its all the same)

So i opend up Element Inspect and looked for the variable. But is seems that Atom does not recognize it there as well. It does however show up yellow in the first line. But not after that. I also tried the beta. But no luck (this is also the same for javascript)


Have you filed a bug on the language package?

Also, there is an easier way to find out what scopes are applied at a particular cursor position. You can open the Command Palette and execute the command Editor: Log Cursor Scopes. See the FAQ:


Oke, where do i fill a bug report.
And are there any solutions? Because this also happends to Javascript wich is a very common language.