Variable and class sidebar


I’d like to see a sidebar that allows me to see all of the variables or classes used in my code. Ideally it would be like MatLab and allow me to see them as they change in stepthrough.


While it may not be exactly what you want, there are the symbols-view:toggle-file-symbols and the symbols-view:toggle-project-symbols commands, activated by Ctrl-R and Ctrl-Shift-R respectively.

Maybe you can use the symbols-view package as a starting point for your own package.


This would require atom to be an IDE, which it isn’t.

Shameful plug: I’m working on an IDE package that does what you want. It will be out in a few weeks. However, it will only be for debugging node processes which includes Atom itself.


Previously I’m using geany
Geany is not IDE but can show simple class & var sidebar, especially for PHP…

I hope this can be implemented in atom too


You mean something like the symbols-tree-view package?


Yes… Thanks, will try that package :smile: