Validate xml against xsd


It would great if atom could validate xml against a configured xsd. The validation could be not only for well formed xml but also against xsd definitions and ultimately would give auto completion referencing the xsd.


This probably will not land in the core of the editor, but this can be done in a package.


Would be even nicer, if the package would support DTD, RelaxNG and Schematron as well.


So, one year and 3 months later, was there any news on this topic? Is there a package that can validate against XSD?

@xephon2 - yes, I agree with your comments, it would be logical to try to cover the whole toolset.

@AbeEstrada - thanks for clarifying how this could be done. Is there any grouping within Atom users around topics like “XML editing, transformation and validation” that might take action on this?


The new linter-vnu package (I’m the developer) uses the Nu Html Checker (v.Nu), which uses RELAX NG and Schematron to validate HTML. I’m considering using the v.Nu web service’s schema (“bring your own schema”) parameter to open up other validation possibilities.

You might also be interested in linter-xmllint.


This plugin is a huge step forward in making Atom a fully-fledged XML editor:


I’ve also created this plugin for validation (doesn’t do completion/intellisense):

The only drag is it uses native code so it takes a little effort to install, I’m working on fixing that.