Using Windows Powershell as Terminal with Atom

Hi all I am working in Win 10 and I have started the course “Learn Python 3 the hard way” and I Have Windows Powershell integrated inside Atom as it’s terminal BUT I would rather be able to set up Atom to use Powershell terminal but not integrated in Atom. I would like to be able to use keyboard shortcuts to be able to switch between Atom and Powershell as Zed Shaw says in his book. That way I will have a full sized window in Atom and a full sized window in Powershell. I am happy to use Revo Uninstaller to uninstall Atom then reinstall with a clean sheet. I have looked on the net for a solution without success and I would appreciate it if someone can point me in the right direction, thanks in advance for any help with this.

If you install process-palette package you can write a command which launches Powershell and you can pass attributes such as filepath. process-palette custom commands also allows you to place custom buttons on Atom toolbar to open/close Powershell (or other like external tools). You might even consider toggling between Atom and VSCode (I wrote a post some time back on working in tandem - search “tandem”). I am an advocate for using a toolchain rather than using Atom for all tasks.

P.S. You can also switch between virtual desktops. Atom in one virtual desktop, Powershell in the other.

Thanks d_l I think I can work out how to install process-palette the commands might be a bit complicated but I will have a go. I have a clean fresh install of Atom so I will have a play with it.

Hi I thought I would give feedback for anyone new like me with the same problem I clicked on “Install a package” which is under Welcome Guide and clicked on “Open Installer” and in the search packages search box I typed atom-terminal-powershell and clicked on Install. The beauty of this is if you don’t like it you can follow the same path and select disable or uninstall. Run your program from Atom with the keyboard command Control-Shift-t some more info here

Puzzled. This integration (which is fine) does not tally with your original written goal …

BUT I would rather be able to set up Atom to use Powershell terminal but not integrated in Atom.

Hi d_l I’m sorry my choice of words aren’t clear. What I had before was Powershell was on the bottom part of the Atom window and I was limited by two half screens where as now I have the full screen in Atom and with Control-Shift-t I get a full screen of Powershell in its own window but I guess it is still integrated. I should have said I wanted it in a separate window.

Please make me understand:

  1. Which configuration do you expect to make?

  2. Why not use an external Powershell terminal?


  • To open Powershell you could use the Run Window
    Win R command: powershell

  • Windows shortcuts which helps to select between active apps:

  • Alt Tab or Win Tab

Hi snoop basically I wanted what I have now, a window for Atom and a separate window for Powershell that comes up with the shortcut Ctrl-Shift-t the folder that I have the file in that I am working on so all I have to type is “python” and it runs my program without me having to navigate to the file. I do have Powershell pinned to my taskbar and I can use that but I have to navigate to my folder where the file that I am working on is.

Have a look at the topic:
I installed script for Atom, but somehow won't work

You can use process-pallet to do what I think you try to do.
This is what @d_l suggested.
You can use the following in the shell command.

start powershell -NoExit "python "{fileAbsPath}""

Have you got the solution? If u got please help me.

I can able to run the program but it’s not getting executed if I make any changes to that program after saving the file also it’s not getting executed. Can someone help me with this?

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