Using two browser windows


Hello everyone,

New to Discuss and with so much information I am not sure this was answered before. I found this but it only partially helped me.

What I have is a webpage ‘app’ which displays buttons playing a sound, what I would like to have is a second page which I link to in my streaming software (OBS) as a web source to display an animation that goes with the sound… Using the example above I get two browser windows and yes, hitting the button changes he text in the other so that works, but now I need to not have that second window open on the desktop, but linked in OBS to show the animation overlaying my stream.

I hope this makes sense to some of you as it appears to me this should be fairly easy to do with Electron …

Any help appreciated, also if there is a good tutorial or getting started guide I’d be interested. I found the quick start but it seems to be more of a ‘quick how to install’ and get you up and running. The main docs can be a bit overwhelming…

As said, new to Electron and not a super duper javascript geek (yet) so be gentle please :wink:



Well, I am not perfectly sure if you want that,
but you could use a frameless window,
so you will have no annoying title bar and you can make it transparent (with some limitations).


Hi, and thanks for your answer

In the thread I referenced, which you know I guess… :wink: both windows would open and stay open. This works by itself, but basically what I need is to be able to open the secondary window in a browser separately and have it still update the content based on what happens in the primary window…

What I then do is add that URL to OBS which would overlay the content on top of my stream. I can now do a windows capture and use that, but it would be nicer and cleaner if I do not need to have the secondary window open on the desktop. Maybe I need to set up a webserver in node.js and go through that, but I am not sure how that would work either…

I am pretty good at fiddling around and getting stuff to work once I have a starting point, but that’s what I miss here right now.