Using npm modules in


Node.js is part of So could this be used for npm modules without need to create an atom plugin and without a separate installation of node.js on the system? I want to use wintersmith directly with As i currently see, atom haven’t any command shell to invoke commands. Would be a nice feature addition.


You can use npm modules in Atom. They just have to be included as a dependency of an Atom package. For example:


I think, i choosed the wrong term, sorry :D. I want to use npm applications with’s node.js. Similar like intellij ide’s allow it: But i think its currnetly not supported, so a separete node.js is needed or the npm application needs to be packaged as package.


According to your link IntelliJ still needs you to have Node installed separately on your desktop:

If I understand correctly, that is in addition to what they call “node.js plugin” which allows IntelliJ to then use node internally.

If you have node installed on your machine, there is a package that allows you to run a script from inside atom, which includes node scripts (I tried one briefly).

(Btw, is the website, the application itself is just Atom ;))


Yep in intellij, you need node.js installed on the maschine, because is based on java. I thought Atom’s “Node.js integration” allow this somehow without node.js beign installed. Sorry for “
So when i’ve understand this correctly, i could create a package with npm module dependency and atom will install it, like leedohm described above.