Using loadUrl() while requiring both vendor JS files, as well as my own


Hello there!

Quick question that I can’t seem to find online. I’m looking to use the loadUrl() function to bring my web app into an Electron window, however there are a pile of js files I need to include in order for it to work. This includes both vendor js files (like jQuery, _, etc.), as well as my own js modules. Where would I include such files? Index.html or app.js (or create a separate js file and require them there)?

Any examples would be immensely helpful, thanks for the help!


Any stuff you would normally include in client side (jquery being an example) are things you would include in the renderer (HTML). Treat the rendered HTML document exactly like a normal web page. Put the script tags in the HTML and include jquery.

Myself, I have gulp writing all of the renderer files I need I to one HTML file. Each page has a fat block of CSS on top and js on the bottom. I don’t have to worry about slow load times because there are no http requests.


As @sameaton11 said you can just use script tags in your index html file. What I do is using a grunt/gulp task to copy all my assets into my electron app and then use relative paths into my HTML file to load them.


Awesome, thanks! Both answers were very helpful.