Using JQuery in ATOM packages


HI All,

I am trying to develop a package which would have interactive UI and I wanted to know the way i can use Jquery in my package. Any help would be appriciated.


Etch appears to be the preferred tool. I believe you can access jQuery through it too.


Thanks for the response, will surely try this.


My opinion: If you’ve got any React knowledge, Etch is much simpler to use than jQuery (mostly because jQuery is built around automating vanilla DOM manipulation and Etch lets you design your components in a syntax that looks more like HTML). I didn’t have any React knowledge the first time I went to use Etch, I learned React by using Etch, and since then I’ve made use of my newfound React knowledge in a variety of contexts. I think Etch is super-accessible. Whenever any information changes, you just have to make sure that your state variable is updated and then run update() to rerender the component.