Using Hack Font with Atom


I’m trying to use the Hack font in Atom, but when I change the font to Hack, Atom ends up treating leading spaces oddly. For instance, here is what a bit of ruby code looks like using Input Mono as the font:

Notice the invisible spaces, and the consistent indentation of 2 spaces. Here is the same block when using Hack:

The invisible spaces are no longer displayed, and the spacing is actually about 2.5 characters intead of 2 spaces - actually, it’s almost 3 spaces.

Any ideas on what may be happening here and how to fix it?


What OS are you using? I can’t reproduce this on OS X 10.9


Sorry about that. I’m on Mac OS X 10.11.6, using Atom 1.10.2

I just tried Safe Mode by the way and disabled my stylesheet, and it still happens.


What happens if you change the invisible character for spaces?

Just in case that font doesn’t contain the character, or it’s being treated weirdly.


Regardless of what I type for the invisible space, Atom shows no character after the word “Default:” in the invisible spaces box. If I turn off invisible characters, the leading spaces snap back to the width they should be, but I lose the ability to see invisible characters.


So if you change that from the default to say *, the box still says Default: instead of *? Or does it just display as an ‘empty’ box?

Because it looks to me like the font is missing the character which is being used by default. So the non-fixed width blank space/non-displaying character is what is being used instead of the fixed width character that’s expected. But if it’s auto-defaulting and auto-defaulting to a character that’s not displaying correctly, then that sounds like a much bigger problem overall.

Ok, so I had a go using the Hack font, just to see if there was a character or not or if I saw any of the same problems, and I can’t reproduce them in Atom 1.10.2/OSX 1010.5. The character is there, so that’s not the issue, but I don’t seem to be getting the Default: oddness.



I could have sworn I tried an * as well as some other characters, but I just tried entering an * and it accepted it this time. And that gives me proper behavior with leading spaces.

I’ll try uninstalling Hack and then reinstalling, just in case there was an install problem.


Okay, it looks like there was an installation problem of some sort. I cleaned out the old font and reinstalled it, and everything works as expected now. Thanks for helping out with this.


Excellent! Happy to help, glad we got to the bottom of it!